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Products >> Large carved

Applicable to: all kinds of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, acrylic and other parts of the high-precision, carved milling and other processing.

4 spindle at the same time processing, double table can be synchronized processing, can also be processed separately, the characteristics can save up and down time, Y1 table processing, Y2 table can be expected, saving up and down time, greatly improve work efficiency.

Specifications Table 1050-2Y4Z double platform four carved machine
Dimensions: 3400 * 2300 * 2400
X / y / z axis travel: 2150 * 500 * 350
Working size: 1000 * 500mm (x2)

Maximum empty walking speed: 28000 / min
Maximum processing speed: 12000mm / min
Control System: Taiwan New Generation One Machine CNC System
Servo system: Yasukawa AC servo
System resolution: 0.001
Three axis verticality: 0.015
Positioning accuracy: ± 0.02
Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.002
Number of Spindles: 4
Spindle power: 3kw
Straight cutter: 12
Tool change mode: automatic
Spindle speed: 10000-40000rpm / min
Spindle diameter: 80mm
Clamp handle: IS020 (max 12)
Tool change mode: automatic
Countertop load: 300kg
Can be charged height: 300mm
Rated voltage: three-phase 380V / 50HZ
Machine maximum power: 20kw
Weight: 6000kg